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The hybrid experience.
I have a hybrid skill set. With experience working on both sides of the fence, in the positions of creative leadership and in account management, I have the unique understanding of what it takes for creative engagements to achieve successful and practical results.

Group Director, User Experience and Creative

Sears Holdings
Director, User Experience and Creative - UE Innovation & Design Discipline Director

Caxy Inc.
Creative Director

Q Interative
Senior Producer

Alliance Data Systems/TMS
Art Director

Art Director

Design Lead


My strength lies in problem-solving. I rely on focusing and listening to the needs and drivers of business and target users alike. Combined with strategic and analytical discussions, I believe quality creative ideas will present themselves. My role is to help internal stakeholders and clients think beyond just what's available, and instead, helping them envision and redefine what's possible for:

Brand Strategy
Digital User Experience Strategy
Visual Identity
Visual Design
Interaction Design
Infromation Architecture
Business Analysis
Project Management
Creative Management

The ideal project is one that an innovative and scalable product is created. That the brand / client can painlessly and economically maintain on their own. This is a creative process that makes business sense. I believe that I have highly relevant experience that fits your business.
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Wrapports LLC/ Group Director Creative & User Experience

My primary responsibilities of late have focused on creative and user experience leadership, working with multiple internal business units and business owners to create exemplary customer experiences to change the newspaper industry. As a Group Director of User Experience and Creative it is also my responsible for managing all things related to the customer experience and new product development.

Sears Holdings / Creative Director - UE Innovation & Design Discipline Director

Results-oriented, top-performing, and visionary leader with more then 15 years of progressive success across user-experience, interactive, design, product development, brand management, and communications. Know as a strong leader and adaptable business generalist; leveraging interactive, design, and technical management skills to lead diverse teams for delivery of innovative applications, brands, communications, and interactive experiences. Tenacious and passionate; motivates teams to deliver highest quality results.

Caxy Inc. / Creative Director

Hired to develop and lead the creative team for Caxy Consulting. Charged with inspiring innovations and expanding the creative services offered by Caxy.

Which include creative vision, brand strategy, and directing design solutions that meet marketing objectives at many different budget levels. Projects range from consumer brand integrated advertising campaigns to healthcare focused social networks.

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